this close to being DONE

I have completed the minor revisions as instructed by my supervisor and a committee member. I have an email from my supervisor saying he will sign the form that will constitute approval to submit my dissertation to the faculty of graduate studies once he sees the final copy. I have sent the final copy.

I have completed the cover sheet form that I have to sign when I submit the paperwork showing my dissertation is approved for submission. I have received confirmation that my dissertation meets thesis requirements for formatting.

My fingers are crossed for Monday, that I will get written approval to submit. Once I have that written approval, I must go to the university and physically deliver the forms to my grad secretary. Once I do this, and it is stamped received, I then do something – I’m not actually sure what. I either walk the paper forms to the graduate studies faculty and submit by hand, or I receive permission to submit all the paperwork, including the dissertation, online.

Anyway, I don’t submit a hard copy of the dissertation to the faculty. I receive permission to upload my dissertation into the university repository. Once it is uploaded, it is part of the university collection and I can no longer access it for editing or any changes.

It is hard to believe that day may actually come.


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