Technology and Teacher Education #edtech #edchat

I am in the process of writing up a literature review on technology and teacher education. My focus with this review is to scan literature pertaining to the preparation of pre-service teachers’ ICT perspectives and practices during their teacher education programs. In the process of conducting the literature review I have been able to identify a problem that has bothered me for sometime in the field of teacher education and technology, but I could not put my finger on it until now.

Throughout the arduous process of writing up this dissertation, I have read, scanned, and skimmed many, many articles about technology in education. I have attended numerous conferences and I have taught a number of courses. I had noticed an inordinate amount of attention placed on student learning with technology – topics spanning technological, socio-economic, cultural, subject-specific, and social-relational aspects of student learning with and through digital technologies. I always found it frustrating that there was not a commensurate amount of literature investigating and discussing teacher learning with technology. After all, teachers don’t only have to learn to use the technology to enhance their own learning and how to incorporate it into their teaching practice, they are also expected to provide students with exemplary learning experiences enriched and enabled by the incorporation of digital technologies.

This most recent literature review has confirmed what I suspected, that the proportion of interest on student learning with ICT compared to interest on teacher learning (pre-service and in-service) with ICT is in an estimated ratio of 20 to 1, that is, there are approximately 20 studies investigating and reporting on student learning with ICT to every 1 study investigating teacher learning and teacher candidate learning.


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