the chapter is writing itself #dissertating

After feeling stalled for most of the autumn on this first chapter, I am back at it with renewed vigour. It seems my writing and thinking skills have improved since I made my last attempt. I do believe blogging is helping improve my writing skills. It seems the exercise of putting thoughts into words and words onto screen/page helps with writing up the dissertation. It is much more pleasurable to exercise my writing muscles writing about things that I enjoy than having to force myself to always be writing up difficult concepts and topics.

I have pretty much finished my section of the lit review that discusses the situation in education where teachers’ ICT perspectives and practices have long been assumed but not prepared. It feels good to get that sorted out. I realize now, that provides the heart of the entire dissertation. It is not a problem that is going to disappear anytime soon, and I do believe our research, the study I am writing up for the dissertation, will make a useful contribution to helping this situation to evolve.

It has certainly been helpful for me to approach my human existence as a living entity within an ecology of learning. There are so many layers to the process of getting this dissertation written up, not the least of which is my own ecology of learning how to write it up!

With luck, today I will finish this full draft of chapter 1. Fingers crossed.


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