now the fun begins

I am finally at the stage of compiling all my research under topic headings for my dissertation. This is a very exciting moment. It has taken me years to figure out what I am writing about, to focus my efforts and bring the whole mass of data and literature reviews into a comprehensive package. I have had to let go of a lot. My first chapter draft last spring was 39 pages (without the reference list).

Through all my writing and re-writing, I have finally gained an understanding of: 1) the study I collected data in, 2) the amorphous mass of literature available and what I am going to include for my dissertation, and 3) bringing my theoretical approach and methodology into an articulated composite unity – a theory for relational technological culture, and a methodology to study relationships and their influence on individual perspectives and practices.

My literature collection continues to grow, everytime I read one thing it leads me to something else. I will have to be selective in this next phase, because I cannot write the world into my dissertation. I am only able to write a very small part of a world that I barely glimpsed.


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