I am working in Filemaker Pro to write my dissertation. Yes, I will put my finally copy into Mellel, a styles-based word processing application. But I won’t be doing that until I have exhausted all the possibilities of writing in a database.

Chapter Headings – DONE (5)

Section Headings – DONE (21)

Topic Headings – DONE  (88)

I am now working my way through the Sub-Topic Headings and that is as far as I am going to drill down. After I have the Sub-Topic Headings sorted out, I am going to free write my way through the entire dissertation, from start to finish, writing up the flow of ideas in a separate notes field. I am not going to worry about citations or references at this stage, I am going to capture the connections amongst the problem to be addressed, the theoretical approach, the methodology, the findings, and the discussion.

Once I have mapped that out, I will go back and do it again, to give myself a second run through. Then I will see where I am at.

Teaching this course has been a huge help in cutting down the content. I have been able to cut at least half, if not 3/4 of what I had in my previous outline. And now I know how it all connects.

Let’s remember this moment, because I am feeling pretty confident, and I know that can change in an instant.


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