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Re discussion ideas –

1. It is not a new thing that industry is influencing educational policy – look at our antiquated industrial education models for contemporary evidence. I think a deeper question is: if we are not going to have industry dictating educational policy, as it has done for the past 200 years, how can we organize ourselves, in the education profession, to re-write the underlying principles of the education system to reflect contemporary concerns and interests?

2. How are we defining skills and competences in terms of 21st century learning? Are creative capacities, critical perspectives, and problem solving considered equivalent to developing mental math abilities, cursive handwriting, and rote memorization tricks? What about social and emotional skills: empathy, fair play, advocacy for the disenfranchised? Where do these fit in the skills and competency conversation?

3. Educational institutions are also social, cultural, political, and economic institutions. How do teachers position themselves in relation to these institutional structures? Are they curriculum delivery technologists? Social justice advocates? Conveyers of societal norms that maintain civic institutions? Facilitators of the emergence of a new generation of social stratification? Custodians of crucibles for creativity and cultural change?
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