the final push

I am shocked to see the last time I worked on my dissertation was June 14. Ugh. I am not going to get graduated at this rate. My new commitment is to put in 2 hours a day from this day forward. I do believe I can get it done. I have all the pieces in place.

In particular, I have re-written the introduction to this work for two years, trying to refine what exactly is the problem that I hope to address. I have that now. It is ICT Practices in Education. Specifically, it is about the professional perspectives and practices that educators bring to their field. At present, educators, as a professional group, are one of the least skilled and knowledgeable users of ICT in both their personal lives and their profession. This has to change. I argue educators have an ethical responsibility to become sophisticated users of ICT, and to utilize the communicative affordances of ICT with their students to educate for sustainable human presence on this planet.

There I said it. And now I can write the dissertation that shows how this is possible.


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