enactivism and linguistic cognitive domains

The central thesis of my dissertation is that we need to adapt an ecological theoretical perspective for researching and discussing educational systems as social systems. I am addressing the problem of ICT Practices in Education. I am discussing the problem in terms of evidence that shows there has been very little change in 19th and 20th century approaches to teaching and learning in educational systems after 2 decades in the 21st century.

My position is that educators, and the educational system, should be at the forefront of societal knowledge and skill pertaining to digital technologies, particularly in the areas of technological culture and the cultural capital associated with sophisticated uses of digital technologies in human affairs. Instead, despite billions of dollars of investments in educational technologies, infrastructure and professional development for educators, the profession of education consistently shows up as the lowest users of digital technologies, and having the lowest skills and knowledge about, and with, ICT.

Through my inquiries and research, I have come to understand the problem is less a technological issue, and more a cultural, political, and philosophical issue. If educators are unable to understand the cultural, political and philosophical aspects of their own technological culture, they are going to be unable, or unwilling, to engage with digital technologies, 21st century learning competencies, and knowledge-age participatory learning cultures.

My thesis lays out the relationship between the problem of educators’ resistance to ICT and its attendant cultures of learning as an enactive living system that is perpetuated or changed through the activities communication within linguistic cognitive domains.


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