transcribing interviews and learning

Today I started transcribing another interview. The participant was a teacher candidate a month into the induction year. Let’s call him Peter, to disguise his identity. It has been fascinating transcribing this interview series. Peter is the seventh of eight in this series. Unfortunately, Peter is very talkative, and the interview is 52 minutes long. That is killer. On the plus side, Peter has many interesting stories and observations to share, a rich dataset to include.

What stood out for me in this interview, so far, is what Peter was told about digital technology and preparing for employment interviews in his school district. He was instructed not to bring any digital technology to his interview. Instead, he printed off digital photographs, lesson plans, and unit plans onto paper, to share examples of his work.

It is easy to assume that the education system is much further along than it actually is in adapting a 19th century industrial model for educating society to fit into a manufacturing hierarchy into a 21st century participatory learning culture and distributed leadership networks.

The reality is that the education system is an institution that is not in the practice of critically examining its own modes and methods. There is a surprising lack of learning culture in the participants of learning institutions.


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