data processing

I have transcribed hours and hours of interviews, but I am not done yet. I have three left in another batch. After these three, I have one anomalous interview that I am not sure I can use. In this one, the participants interviewed as a pair, and the format does not fit the other interviews I got done. This situation resulted from the insistence of one elementary school administrator, to interview with the sponsor teacher from that school. I did not realize that I had to stand firm on separate interviews or they would be unusable. As it is, I have this one interview of two participants that actually has some very valuable data in it. But it is such a long and complicated interview I have been loathe to tackle transcribing it. At the same time, the participant that this interview is discussing had an anomalous journey through the research, as well, so I still have to figure out how this case fits in the overall scheme.


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