tackling the mountain

Here is the situation. I have two publications due out of conference papers that I did not complete in time to present. These papers were to be written from my comprehensive exam papers. Little did I know how long it would take to actually process data to be able to write about it! At the same time, I am supposed to have a full draft of my dissertation done by the end of June. Not going to happen. And I start teaching two consecutive summer courses starting July 4. I also have a lit review due July 4 for a little paid work contract. Geez. Now wonder I have a stab of anxiety when I think of tackling this work. I have one interview left out of a cycle of 8 that fills in nicely with the whole collection. I can’t possibly have all the data and interviews transcribed from the research, I have to choose what I am going to write up and leave the rest for another time. Post doc? I really can’t resist transcribing this last interview before getting onto other things. I figure I will print off all the data and work on the hard copy print outs to code and figure out where the data should go in the findings. I also need to spend some time reading, to beef up my theoretical approach. It is very difficult to separate out the work on the publications from the work on the dissertation. I suppose, if I do this right, these two papers will actually be dissertation chapters. It would be super helpful if I wasn’t doing all this for the first time. Well, I have clarity to move this process forward for the next couple of hours and that is about as good as it gets right now.


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